The Magnoliahouse Design Concierge

The Magnoliahouse Design Concierge is our way of making high-level, sophisticated design fast and accessible. Because we believe this whole business thing is supposed to be fun, and we aim to deliver the most delightful experience we can.

So, customizing your new design will be easy as pie. Or sipping a lemon drop cocktail on the patio in June. Whichever you prefer - you do you, sister!.

Here’s the low down:


You pick a design. (Okay, we lied. Choosing just one of the design options may be a little tough.)


You place your order. We know you’ve got this part down.


You fill out a quick, little form about your brand and upload any essential files, like your logo. We’ll let you know what we need.


The Magnoliahouse Design Concierge creates your first proof and delivers it to your inbox for approval.


You say yes and make plans to celebrate, or you send back a request for revisions.


If you asked for revisions, the Magnoliahouse Design Concierge sends over a second proof.


Once approved, you’ll receive both editable and print-ready files of your design.

Fin! Done.
Now get out there and show off your fancy new brand, girl.